The Winds of Autumn

A Marquette Legacy Epic Romance

A captivating love story transcending the American West, where secrets hide unknown consequences and true love fights for a second chance.

At the end of the War of the Rebellion, Mariah Renwick is still haunted by the memory of her late sister as she tries to piece together the remnants of an innocent time lost. All she wants is to bring happiness home again.

Then dashing Lieutenant Nathan Lawton rushes into her life and becomes her new husband. But Nathan’s dark and tormented past hides revenge and betrayal as he stakes his claim to the Renwick fortune and his future out West.

Railroad magnate, Julian Marquette, has just returned to St. Louis to secure another bank loan from Mariah’s father. A brilliant mastermind, Julian orchestrates the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, not for the sake of his own vanity but for the people of America. He’s a man borne of conviction for what he believes in, a passionate man who’s secretly been in love with Mariah since he first saw her two years ago. But now it’s too late . . . until an intimate moment together takes them by storm.

“It was there again, in that infinitesimal space between them, the subtle tremor of attraction, at once forbidden but about to collide.”

Torn between desire and duty, Mariah is caught in a crossfire as she faces unimaginable struggles on an epic westward journey that shows no mercy. Can Julian fight against impossible odds for the woman he loves, or is all hope lost?

Sweeping landscapes. Passionate characters. The consummate gentleman is back.

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What readers are saying

"The Winds of Autumn is a literary triumph. A highly entertaining book that had me spellbound from the very beginning. I was lost within the pages!"

- Readers Favorite Review by
Teresa Syms

“The Winds of Autumn is an epic love story … emotionally riveting … full of action, twists, and turns … An epic novel of heartbreak and love … For those who enjoy historical romance with more than just a love story … this book delivers.”

- Literary Titan

"I loved every minute of this book! The descriptions of the places in this story are wonderful! The author has done an excellent job in making me feel like I was a part of their lives. My heart was definitely well satisfied."

- NetGalley Review

"Author Susan Rounds has crafted a highly engaging romantic work … I found myself totally swept away by the atmosphere … I would not hesitate to recommend The Winds of Autumn to historical romance readers everywhere."

- Readers Favorite Review by
K.C. Finn

“A beautiful historical romance novel. It had everything I was hoping for. Susan Rounds is a great storyteller and has a great writing style. Well done.”

- Kathryn's Book Review and Other Thoughts

“The Winds of Autumn is an epic tale of romance, drama, and intrigue. Author Susan Rounds paints a sprawling portrait of the American West … that breathes life into the setting … Julian and Mariah's love story is riveting to read, at times heartbreaking, but thoroughly absorbing … a captivating story I will recommend to fans of historical fiction and romance lovers alike."

- Readers Favorite Review by
Pikasho Deka

“The Winds of Autumn is a captivating historical romance … packed with action and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat … beautifully written and much more than I expected.”

- Readers Favorite Review by
Alma Boucher