Sated By An East Coast Autumn

I can’t imagine autumn coming and going without seeing blazing colors of burnt orange, yellow and red. That sight literally takes my breath away.

In late October, we visited our son at college for family days. What fun we had with lots of apple picking and cider donut munching!

It was good to have some time together and see how much, and how little our son has changed. If you’ve experienced that empty-nester feeling (big sigh), it changes you, as much I think, as it changes your child. Even when our oldest boy left the nest and took flight, it was just as hard. What a blessing it is for us to see our kids grow up.

We got lucky when we took our trip back east. With the unusual warm weather, autumn came later this year, just in time for us to take a Sunday drive up toward the Adirondacks and see autumn in its full bloom of spectacular colors. The clouds parted ways and let the sun do its magic as it brightened all the leaves with such an intensity it was blinding. Every bend in the road revealed another breathtaking sight.

With the drought taking its toll back home, some of our trees had already given up where the leaves had skipped fall all together and turned from green to brown. So our trip back east couldn’t have been timed any better, and it was the most memorable autumn I’ve ever had. Enjoy the photos!

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